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Mo., 14.06.2021,
10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
3 Tage
270,00 €
I’ve been looking for this book all my life. I’ve looked for it around the world. I’ve looked in flea-markets, looked in libraries, looked in trendy art museum bookshops, looked in outdoor bookstores on the banks of the Seine, looked online, but I never found it. I had to make it myself. How does one create a visual identity as an artist? For me, the simple, humble sketchbook is the key. My sketchbooks are filled with layers of watercolour, shopping lists, travel sketches, photos and are falling apart when finished. They are unguarded and intimate spaces for ideas to unfold and deepen. This workshop will focus on creating a sketchbook. We will advance our skills and learn new techniques in drawing, perspective, colour, composition and collage as well as mixed media. Our goal is to allow raw creativity to flow on paper and then understand how to turn raw ideas and compositions into work that is original and thoughtful. For ambitious beginners and new artists, that want to make the next step in their careers and creative process. Course in English and German.

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