2024, Onlinekurs
online-Kurs: Put down your phones! Get out your pencils and let’s go!
Kurs-Nr. 203-24 |
8 Teilnehmer
| 240 EUR pP |
Mo 15.01.- Mo 04.03.2024| 8 Tage
19.30 - 21.00 Uhr

Acht Abendveranstaltungen, jeweils am Montag, von 19.30 – 21.00 Uhr

Beginn: Mo. 15.01.2024
dann: Mo. 22.01.2024 / Mo. 29.01.2024 / Mo. 05.02.2024 / Mo. 12.02.2024 / Mo. 19.02.2024 / Mo. 26.02.2024 / Mo. 04.03.2024

Sketchbooks und Zeichnung- als reine Inspiration oder als Kunstwerk selbst? Wie bekomme ich die Zeichnung übersetzt in ein groeßeres Format?

Put down your phones! Get out your pencils and let’s go!


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On-Line Course Description:

8 courses, Wednesdays between 19:30-21:00.
(3-4 students only an hour and 5-8 than one and a half hours)

We meet online with either Google Duo or Teams. In these meetings I will explain new assignments for the coming week and discuss what we did the following week. Included in the course is a private discussion once per week per email or video call to help to you with the current assignment.

Week 1: Introduction with a tour of my atelier and a look into some of my personal sketchbooks. Introduction of each course member. Perhaps you have a drawing you can share with us? We will discuss the coming assignment for the week: finding your own signature in black and white.

Week 2: Inspiration. After a discussion of Week 1’s assignment we will talk about inspiration. I will discuss Doges Palace and Piazza San Marco in Venice and the impact it has had in my work. Think of something that has had a similar effect on you. Draw it and share it with us in week 3.

Week 3: Generating Ideas. First a look at Week 2’s assignment and then onto avoiding creative block. Finding new impulses and inspiration. Taking crazy ideas and running with them! Here we will learn about collage and mixed media.

Week 4: Personal Iconography and the Art of Seeing We take a look at Week 3’s assignment and then we discuss how to use your own personal history and life as a way to create your own themes in your work. We will discuss drawing and how to get what you see onto a page.

Week 5: Power of Color. Week 4 discussion and then onto color. How much? How to use it to get what you want. Using only color and texture we will show our current feelings in this next assignment.

Week 6: ALL IN. After looking at our color assignment we will discuss the power of scale and how it transforms meaning. Using anything and everything from what we have learned, create a piece that shows where you want to be in 10 years.

Week 7: XXL Jumping out of the sketchbook. Now we have these beautiful pages in our book. How can we use this as a catalyst for things outside of the book? Some examples of what I have done and a special assignment for class 8 that will keep you busy even after this course is over.

Week 8: How to Take it Further Special assignment discussion and how you can continue creating beautiful books!