2023, Skulptur, Spezialkurs
The world in 3D. Digital painting and animation
Kurs-Nr. 133-23 |
12 Teilnehmer
| 420 EUR pP |
Mo 10.07.- Sa 15.07.2023| 5 Tage
MO-FR 10-17 Uhr

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During this one-week course, we will take you through the very first steps of getting to know the world of 3D, using the software Cinema4D. From creating (abstract) shapes to playing with texture, light and animation, we will explore the basics of working within CGI. We will be dedicating each day to a specific topic within 3D, ending up providing you with the skills to create your very first 3D animation. During the course, we will be showing examples of 3D used in the commercial as well as artistic scene and share our own experience of working with 3D. Furthermore, we wish for you to continue the journey of 3D, and will end the course with tips and inspiration on how to further develop your new skills.

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